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Localist helps community owners share more events with more people by automating and centralizing marketing.

Localist is everything you need to power your community events.

Event landing pages in minutes, not days | Localist

Centralize Your Events

Bring all your events into one centralized calendar for brand consistency and a better experience for your community.


Use consistent branding on all of your event marketing.


Generate beautiful landing pages for all of your events in minutes -- no coding needed.


Register attendees and sell tickets right from your event landing pages.

Schedule & Send Coordinated Event Marketing Social Posts | Localist

Automate Event Marketing

Make your events more successful and simplify your process when you put event promotion on autopilot.


Send automated event newsletters, invites and reminder emails.


Schedule your social media posts ahead of time right from your dashboard.


Seamlessly integrate with your CRM and other marketing tools, plus use your choice of virtual event platform, including Zoom and others.

Quantify Your Community

Tap into your event and audience data for insights you can use to drive more community engagement.


Get best practices from other Localist customers and our wealth of event data.


Capture interaction behavior to analyze event success.


Track ROI throughout the community member journey.

“Localist has made event promotion so much more effective! Having a single place to list events, and the ability to display those events in multiple ways via multiple channels is time-saving and helps promote all our events.”

- Kathleen C., Marketing Director, Localist Customer

Localist has all the event marketing tools you need to connect with your community. 

Centralized event calendar

Consistent branding

Social automation

Email automation

Audience targeting

SEO-friendly landing pages

Registration and ticketing

Virtual event support

Virtual event utilization

CRM and software integrations

Training and customer support

Analytics and ROI tracking

See how Localist builds stronger connections between your brand and your community.

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Pricing for Localist's event marketing platform starts at $800/month and is designed to fit the needs of your organization - no matter your size. 

Events are a key driver of an engaged, thriving community. Localist is the platform you need to power your community strategy.

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